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From 26 November to 30 November 2008, Hasselt
From 03 December to 07 December 2008, Antwerp




with special guest Belle Perez 

Holiday on Ice, with 320 million visitors the most successful show on ice in the world, celebrates its 65th anniversary in our country with the amazing show Spirit, an orientally inspired and fairy-tale like spectacle about the four elements of nature: fire, water, air and earth.

Spirit takes the audience on a magical journey of discovery of Eastern philosophy, Chinese fireworks, Pow Wow dances of joy and Scottish folk dances…. Spirit is remarkably fresh and young, aims at all ages, and is a tribute to the Earth, to a world of peace and harmony.

More than 45 absolute top skaters, top dancers and top acrobats, 350 stunning costumes and a sensational light show make Spirit a fascinating and unforgettable show, by the hand of the famous artistic director Robin Cousins and choreographer Karen Kresge.

Moreover, this anniversary show of Holiday On Ice, will receive, apart from a new dynamic, a very special and festive bow, with a big surprise, but this is still one of Spirit’s mysteries.



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