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Expo’Dino Adventure’: 50 dinosaurs conquer Antwerp Central Station.

From 15th december 2013 up until 31st of August 2014 prehistory came alive in the central railway station of Antwerp.

At the exhibiton 50 enormous, lifesize dinosaurs could be admired, het longest one close to 70 feet.

At the back of the station over 2,000 m2 had been reserved to accommodate the replica’s of the extinct animals.

People visiting the exhibition came eye to eye with a number of well known dinosaur- species, among them of course the much feared T. Rex. Also on display was the Iguanodon, also called ‘the Belgian Dinosaur’. The discovery of many  complete skeletons of this species in a coal-mine in Bernissart in 1878 was world news.


Adults and children each received their own audioguide upon entering, children could compete in a quiz that had Trixie the Triceratops as the main prize to take home and they received a personal dinosaur- certificate when leaving the expo. 

The expo was a huge succes and had to be extended several times until the end of summer due tot popular demand.

At the time of their final goodbye the dinosaurs had been visited by over 175.000  people, making it one of the most succesful travelling exhibitions that has ever visited Antwerp.

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